Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Treating Gum Disease

Dr. Goodfelow is dedicated to keeping your gums and other supporting structures of your teeth as healthy as possible with advanced, non-surgical periodontal treatments. These include scaling and root planing with hand and microultrasonic instruments, localized antibiotic treatments such as Arestin, systemic medications such as Periostat, and several oral rinses that have been found to be helpful in reducing plaque and decay.

Dr. Goodfellow performs all periodontal therapies himself, both routine cleanings, and, if needed, deep scaling and root planing. He will follow up on all treatment to make sure that your periodontal status improves and remains stable. If non-surgical treatment proves to be insufficient by itself, he will refer you to a periodontist, a specialist in the treatment of gum disease. 

Because Dr. Goodfellow performs your cleaning procedures, he is able to simultaneously examine your teeth and diagnose other dental problems, thus often reducing the number of appointments you need.

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