Family Dentistry in Santa Ana You Can Trust

Outside of office of Santa Ana dentist Dr. GoodfellowSo, you’re looking for a new dentist? That can be a scary proposition. The Yellow Pages and websites are filled with ads for “gentle, caring doctors.” Do you truly believe what they say? Yes, you might get lucky and stumble upon a great dentist, but it’s really a hit and miss proposition. The truth is, you’ll never know for sure until you meet the dentist.

At Dr. Goodfellow’s office you will be given the time to get to know us (and we you). We will LISTEN to you. We want to know your concerns. If you have a specific problem you want treated, we will do just that. If you would like a more comprehensive evaluation, we will of course do that. If you just want to talk, we are happy to do that as well — and we will not charge you for the consultation. And we will NEVER try to hard sell you.

What we WILL do, however, is provide you with personal, state of the art dental care. The kind of care that more than 30 years of experience allows us to provide to you. You will be given an honest evaluation of your oral condition. Then you will be given treatment choices as well as the advantages, disadvantages, risks and benefits associated with each alternative. Our mission is to educate you about your dental health so that YOU can then choose what’s best for you.

And one more thing. We will respect your time by not making you wait once you arrive for your scheduled appointment.